Bob McGowan - DOP Lighting Cameraman

Robert 'Bob' McGowan - Lighting Cameraman & DOP, London. I've been working out of London as a Lighting Cameraman & lighting cameraman londonDOP for more than 10 years.

I've been applying innovative lighting and camerawork based on a solid technical and creative background to film dramas, promo's music videos and corporate shoots for sometime now. I come with my own camera's, lighting and sound kit. I also have extensive experience with many professional formats, including Panasonic / Sony / Ikegami Digitbeta, SX, HD in addition to Standard Definition.

I am comfortable working with any format you think is best suited to your commercial film or video project. I have extensive experience in all sectors of the film, video & media production industry. Have no problem taking direction if needed and am reliable, punctual and easy to get on with. NOTE: I'm also a freelance editor see HERE for examples of my work

Recent Testimonial...
"We've worked with Bob on many different projects and have built up a trusting relationship. He has become our Number 1 choice when it comes to a professional DOP / lighting cameraman. He has a keen eye for composition and has the patience of a saint, which helps tremendously because we're always wasting our time trying new things. Of course it also helps that he's got all the kit and knows what we need if he doesn't have it."
Mark Griffin: Creative Director -

I am happy collaborating with Directors & Producers to help deliver their vision and am happy to offer constructive comments in a friendly way to get the best from the sony xdcamtime we have. I am comfortable offering suggestions as a lighting cameraman & director of photography and am always ready to give support and advice to the programme-makers in pre-production, during and post production. Not a problem checking out locations & working with other crew. I also have the DOP & Lighting Cameraman skills to self-direct and am confident in the knowledge that I will supply the right footage you require.

Basic pricing structure for a day's shoot is £250 to £350 depending on kit. Anything beyond a day is always negotiable. Contact me.

Camera Crew, Post Production & Editing.

I allighting cameramanso have Post Production facilities at very competitve rates should you require your footage to be edited or delivered in another format. SEE HERE for infomation. Examples of work can be seen HERE

If you need a help and haven't got the extra people to hand I have contacts with guys around the country that can make up an experienced professional crew. Just contact me to find out more.

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